December 30, 2010

Dear friends!

Let's Make Money Together On Internet!

Since I use Internet, I know about the kind of work online as pay-to-click (PTC) systems, or "buxes".

Thousands people all over the world take part in this simple business, with no investments, not bothering too much. Payments are poor first, really, but there are ways to develop, - you will know more on the forums of buxes (PTCs with no forum are mostly SCAM). I know personally some people who earn over 300 $ per month, working just on few reliable buxes.

Couple month ago I joint to clickers army as well, and I invite everyone try together.

All links, given in the right column, lead to the sites where my accounts are registered; - time to time I make investigation in the Web about their stability. Just don't forget visit here sometimes to compare links list, - I update it very often. I wouldn't like you to work on buxes, which stoped payments or do not exist any more.

If You join via offered links, You become my referral: the system pays you the same as if you come yourself; but they'll pay me a bit also for your affiliation. In your turn, You can invite people to be your referrals as well.

Well, let's help each other, since we met here in the World Wide Web... ))

Good luck for us all!!!